In the HoReCa industry, Infinity24-property offers expert business consulting, project management and support for new hotel and catering projects.

The first business experience was brought to the company by managing a resort with a hotel in Masuria. Since the opening of the facility a few years ago, management has required extensive knowledge and skills in many areas, such as hospitality, tourism, customer service, as well as the maintenance of buildings and green areas. During these years, the manager of the resort had to adapt to the changing trends in tourism and the needs of customers, taking care of the appropriate standards and quality of services. Perhaps the owners changed, but the development and continuous modernization of the facility was always a priority, so as to always offer its guests the best possible conditions for relaxation. Thanks to the appropriate marketing and promotional policy, the resort has become a recognizable place on the map of Masuria, known for its high standard of service and comfort of stay.

The restaurant and bar has always been a place where food and entertainment come together. In the early days, the owners had to struggle with many challenges, such as competition on the catering market or lack of knowledge about running a business. Nevertheless, thanks to passion, hard work and innovative ideas, they managed to create a place that has become the favorite
place of many people.

The bar-restaurant has witnessed many changes over the years. New culinary trends appeared, customers’ tastes changed, as did the requirements for the quality of services. The owners had to meet the expectations of their customers, adapt to new trends and develop their culinary skills. The menu was constantly improved, new dishes and drinks were introduced, and theme parties and concerts were organized that attracted a diverse audience.

Thanks to a visionary  approach to business and consistent development, the restaurant and bar has become one of the most popular places in the area. Not only did it offer tasty food and good beer, but it also became the center of life for the local community.

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