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The development of modern technologies related to climate protection is an extremely important challenge facing the world today. Actions to protect the climate are becoming more and more urgent in the face of climate change that we are seeing around the world. Therefore, innovative technologies that help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions or in the effective use of renewable energy sources are gaining more and more importance.
Infinty24-property sees both the ecological and business potential of projects related to climate protection. We actively cooperate with the American VESTA project, created by the think-tank Climitigation, which approaches the problem of CO2 reduction in an innovative way, using the terraforming of sandy coasts. We are taking steps to start financing such projects, also with the participation of Pomeranian municipalities.

On the other hand, agriculture is a key economic sector that plays a vital role in ensuring food security for people around the world. At the same time, the development of agriculture and its intensification may lead to environmental degradation and increase greenhouse gas emissions. That is why it is so important to develop modern technologies that will allow for the effective and sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture, improving the quality of land and water, and
increasing the efficiency of crops.

By focusing on the promotion and development of modern technologies related to climate
protection and supporting agriculture, Infinity24-property meets these important challenges. This is a direction that will certainly benefit the environment, as well as farmers and consumers who will have access to healthier, more sustainable and green products.

Using advanced technologies, such as the analysis of satellite and drone images, measurements and observations of crops, soil and climate, we can better understand the complex relationships between various components of the agricultural ecosphere and their impact on agrotechnical processes. We can provide food producers with accurate and up-to-date data and statistical tools
needed to make the right decisions.

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