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Infinity24-property operates in the property management industry. We are a team that values and supports local entrepreneurs and individuals from the Tri-City and the surrounding area. We specialize in contract management, private property management, administrative management and business unit management. We are proud of our strong presence in the local community and committed to offering quality services to meet the growing demands of the real estate market. Our unique solutions are always precisely matched to the individual needs of our customers.

Our offer


We offer housing communities comprehensive solutions that reduce costs and improve relations with residents

  • outsourcing of office, accounting and technical services
  • mobile applications – 24/7 access via the Internet for tenants
  • E-Bok (electronic customer service offices)
  • cloud solutions giving on-line access to contracts, cost settlements, technical documentation,
    dates of technical inspections
  • on-line ticket systems – automation of reporting, handling and settling failures
  • CRM systems supporting the management of housing communities

RENTAL OF APARTMENTS and other real estate

(short and long term)

For property owners, we offer a comprehensive range of services that save time and money, and
allow you to enjoy a peaceful life and get the maximum benefit from passive income

  • recruitment and verification of tenants
  • innovative methods of financing the rental
  • renovations and modernizations
  • assistance in obtaining financing for renovations
  • cleaning
  • interior design
  • insurance
  • legal services


If you are planning to buy or sell a property in Pomerania, we offer you our many years of
experience, knowledge of the local market and modern methods of acquiring customers

  • virtual 3D walks
  • drone photography and filming
  • traditional photo and video presentations
  • creating modern texts and advertising graphics supported by artificial intelligence
  • investmental advisory
  • real estate market analysis
  • property valuation
  • assistance in obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate


“Alone we can do little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller
Infinity24-property works only with the best and trustworthy companies:

  • Lexarius law firm
  • architects
  • developers
  • interior designers
  • repair companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • web developers
  • SEO specialists (web positioning)
The images were created using
Midjourney AI
artificial intelligence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Agency

Yes, the real estate agent should present the client with offers from both the primary and secondary markets. This is an obligation arising from the code of professional ethics.
When selling a property, documents such as the property deed, property valuation, current extract from the land register, and other property-related documents should be presented. When renting a property, documents such as the lease agreement, tenant’s ID, and other documents required by the property owner or agent should be presented.
Yes, the real estate agent must have liability insurance.
We serve real estate in the Tri-City area and its surroundings.
This can be done electronically, by phone or in person at our office.
You do not have to be present; you can authorize a representative to handle the task or contact us electronically.
Depending on the type of property and transaction, different documents may be required, such as the seller’s ID, property deed, developer agreement, certificate of no debts, land register, and possibly a consent statement from co-owners to sell.
Depending on the type of property and transaction, different documents may be required, such as the seller’s ID, property deed, developer agreement, certificate of no debts, land register, and possibly a consent statement from co-owners to sell.
Yes, we take photos and videos of properties using a drone’s “bird’s-eye view,” which allows for a more detailed and attractive presentation of the property being offered.
Yes, we provide photographic services and virtual property tours through special tools.
The viewing schedule for the property is arranged individually, at a time convenient for the client.
Yes, we can help you obtain a mortgage through our financial partners.
Yes, you can commission the sale of your property, regardless of your place of residence.
Yes, we will conduct a property inspection before starting the sale or rental process. We will visit the property to get a detailed understanding of its technical condition and adjust the offer to meet our clients’ needs.
Yes, signing a brokerage agreement is necessary before starting the sale or rental of a property.
The required documents for signing a brokerage agreement may vary depending on the type of agreement, such as property ownership certificate, personal identification document, or developer agreement.
The exclusive brokerage agreement is valid for a period of 3 to 6 months.
The rental price of the property is determined by the owner or broker based on the prevailing market rent and the condition and location of the property.

Property Management

Yes, our administrators and property managers have liability insurance that protects both them and our clients in case of any damage related to their activities.
Yes, but it must be agreed upon with the owner or tenant of the property and the privacy of the place must be preserved.
Theoretically, yes, but in practice, it is very difficult. It requires especially committed residents and the establishment of specific rules for the functioning of the community.
Yes, you have the right to choose who will rent your apartment. You can specify requirements for tenants, but they must be in accordance with the law.
The notice period for terminating the contract depends on its type and contractual provisions. However, it usually takes several months.
As a property manager, we conduct thorough verifications of potential tenants, including checking their financial situation and references. Additionally, we include clauses in the lease agreement to protect the owner’s interests, such as those relating to deposits and property insurance.
The rent payment goes to the property owner’s account.
Depending on the arrangements made in the lease agreement, the tenant or the property owner may pay the bills for electricity, gas, and administrative rent.
The security deposit is held in the property owner’s account.
In the event of repairs or damage to the property, the property manager or owner should be contacted first, who will then decide on further action. The costs of repairs or damage are usually covered by the property owner.
In the event of flooding of the apartment or other premises by the tenant, the property manager or owner should be contacted immediately. Depending on the cause of the incident and the lease agreement, the costs of repairs may be borne by the tenant or the property owner.
The cost of our services is determined individually for each client, depending on the scope of services and the size of the property. We do not charge any upfront fees, and we only charge a commission upon a successful property rental.
Yes, we also manage apartments rented out by the room. The rental terms are agreed upon with the property owner’s requirements and in compliance with the relevant regulations for short-term rentals.
The time it takes to rent out a property depends on many factors, such as location, condition, and rental price.
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