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Infinity24-property is a newly established entity on the Tri-City business map, specializing in four main areas:

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These seemingly different activities are connected by the person of the new owner, Mr. Jarosław Mitroszonek, who, continuing the company’s long-term tradition in real estate rental, also recognizes the needs and problems of the local community, boldly implementing new technologies in his projects.

Mr. President Jarosław Mitroszonek gained his first experience in business and working for the benefit of the local community at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. Among the many various business initiatives, as well as charity and volunteer initiatives, it is worth mentioning the cooperation in the renovation of the railway station in Gdańsk. It is an extraordinary building, a beautiful monument with over 120 years of history, with a monumental, meticulously restored
interior, which, thanks to the efforts of investors and renovation specialists, has regained its former splendor and has become an attractive place for both residents and tourists visiting the
city. Other projects include, for example, the establishment of a Foundation supporting people with disabilities in everyday life.

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